Monday, June 25, 2012

Summertime, and the Livin' is Easy?

We spent some time in Dallas last weekend with my brother, Will, my brother, Scott, their wives and children and my step-mom, Laura.  And by "we," I mean me and Eleanor.  Sweet Josiah spent 4 days in the hospital last week.  He had what turned out to be a nasty virus.  With a virus, you simply have to let it pass.  He was given rounds and rounds of tests that revealed nothing.  So, dad and Josiah stayed home and rested while Eleanor and I made the rounds in Dallas.

We swam every day.  Eleanor is such a little fish!  She even jumped off of the diving board a few times!  We definitely need swimming lessons.  And possibly gymnastics.  She really has no fear.  She also adores all her helps that they are all girls (first cousins anyway)!  She played and played with Hope and Adelle, showering them with kisses and hugs.  We're working on sharing things.  Her second birthday is this week!  So hard to believe!  We're having a Sesame Street party at the park, and mom and dad got her a tricycle and her very own goldfish.  For those that don't know, Elmo has a pet goldfish named Dorothy.  Eleanor thinks every fish is named Dorothy, and we though it might be fun for her to see and have one at home.  I don't think we'll keep it in her room--I imagine walking in and she hands me the fish and says "Dorty!"

We got home tonight and Josiah seems so much bigger after only 3 days!  He looks so much happier and comfortable.  He's back to eating regularly and was smiling and talking to me.  It was scary for me to be with him at the hospital.  He had a teeny tiny IV and was so sad and fussy.  I'm glad that is behind us for now.  To me, Josiah looks more and more like Jeremy.

Right now the man and I are sitting on the back porch surfing on our laptops and chatting.  It's nice to chill with him and a little glass of wine.  We've got a full week ahead--Grammy Laura arrives on Wednesday, my birthday dinner on Friday, Eleanor's party on Saturday, then Aunt Becky & Uncle Eric arrive on Sunday.  We've got sunshine to sit in, games to play, hugs and kisses to give, and time to enjoy with friends.

A quick thank-you to all who visited Josiah, and took such good care of us during his sickness, especially to Kristina & Eric Lusk and Frances for looking after Eleanor.  It's a big job.  Now on to unload the car and have a shower before I collapse.


Chelsie Sargent said...

I am so glad little man is feeling better. You were all in my thoughts last week. Enjoy this weekend of fun celebrations- wish we could be there.