Friday, October 26, 2012

The Worst Best Day

The feeling of family is alive and well.
People still need people.
We all have hurt.
Pain is not exclusive.
Tears and laughter are indeed the best medicine.
We do the best we can.

"How do we do this?"
"We hold hands and walk through it."
"Because we are kindred spirits."

I let my fear keep me from calling.
I let you down.
Your grieving was too much like my own.
Love keeps no record of wrongs.
You came back to this family.

I will always wear my heart on my sleeve.
Take me for what I am; who I was meant to be.
You can't preach away the crazy.
But you can love it, so give love.

Give Love.


K said...

Although I know you wrote this for yourself, you could have written it just for me. That's great poetry.